Big Game Day Recipe Ideas

The big game is almost here and Super Bowl Sunday snacks and appetizers are in order. Here are some ideas with a crunch, some with a Mexican flare, some that slide (as in sliders), and...


Roasted Green Chili and Chicken Tortilla Soup

There are so many delicious versions of tortilla soup out there to try and so little time.


Oatmeal, blueberry and peanut butter chip cookie bars

There were so many sweets around during the holidays that I had to take a break from them for a while. But that sure didn’t last very long.


The Top 10 Most Favorite Recipes in 2014

The tally is in for the Top 10 Most Favorite Recipes in 2014. Here are the top 10 recipe posts in 2014 that were your faves. Also included are the top 3 all-time faves.


Mushrooms and Marinara Pasta

After the holidays do you crave something other than turkey, ham or mashed potatoes? How about some Italian food?  Maybe pasta with an easy-to-make marinara sauce topped with piled high mushrooms cooked in butter and wine?...


9 Quick and Easy Appetizers

Do you ever draw a blank when it comes to what to make for an appetizer? This happens to me all the time and since I’m always pressed for time, I need to come...


BBQ Turkey Flatbread Pizza

Here’s a recipe that will give leftover turkey or chicken a face lift and no one will ever know. I’m loving flatbread pizzas lately made with a thin version of flatbread pizza crust. Thin...


Lemonade Cranberry Sauce

Here’s one of my fave recipes for cranberry sauce. It’s super easy and just has a few ingredients.


Mexican Pizza Flatbread

Just for a little change from turkey leftovers, how about some Mexican food. Or maybe even a pizza. Or let’s make it a Mexican pizza while we’re at it.


‘Tis the Season Food Faves

Happy weekend before the weekend before Thanksgiving to you!