Fried Rice with Pineapple and Almonds

Fried rice is so easy to make and with just a few ingredients white rice is transformed into a delicious side dish or even a meal. It’s a great way to use up leftover...


9 Quick & Easy Recipe Ideas for Shrimp

For a quick and easy meal, make something with shrimp tonight. Shrimp can really jazz up an otherwise plain recipe and it’s so quick to make.


Easter Krispie Treats

Krispie treats are so fun and colorful. Not to mention that they’re also super easy and quick to make. Here’s a festive idea for krispie treats with an Easter twist using malted milk mini eggs and green-colored...


Coconut Fruit Salad

Shredded coconut tastes so delish on top of a fruit salad. Just by adding it on top it really steps up the flavor and texture of a basic fruit salad. This quick and easy fruit salad...


Breakfast for Dinner Ideas

Do you ever just stare into the fridge or pantry with a blank look on your face thinking what in the world am I going to make for dinner? Next time this happens or even sooner,...


Tempura Shrimp with Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce

Tempura shrimp is so good and so very easy to make. And no worries if you don’t have a deep fryer, it can be lightly fried in canola oil in a regular old skillet.


Orange Marmalade and Raspberry Smoothie

For a quick and easy sweet treat how about a smoothie. Maybe the weather is cold where you are but a smoothie might just be the perfect get-away to remind you of summer.


Big Game Day Recipe Ideas

The big game is almost here and Super Bowl Sunday snacks and appetizers are in order. Here are some ideas with a crunch, some with a Mexican flare, some that slide (as in sliders), and...


Roasted Green Chili and Chicken Tortilla Soup

There are so many delicious versions of tortilla soup out there to try and so little time.


Oatmeal, blueberry and peanut butter chip cookie bars

There were so many sweets around during the holidays that I had to take a break from them for a while. But that sure didn’t last very long.