12 Cinco de Mayo Recipe Ideas

How about having Mexican food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner this Cinco de Mayo?  Count me in.

I’ll have a glass of that pico de gallo please.  I love pico de gallo.  It’s my go-to scramble egg topping when I have it on hand.

It’s Cinco de Mayo for me every week because if I don’t have some sort of Mexican food at least one time during the week I feel like something just isn’t right.

And enchilada sauce is one of my faves.  When at a restaurant I just can’t resist trying out their enchiladas.

Ok enough about me and my Mexican food cravings.

Let’s check out some recipe ideas for Cinco de Mayo, or any day of the week for that matter.


Breakfast Burrito Pitas – nothing like fried potatoes, eggs, sausage and cheese with every bite


Roasted Red Bell Pepper and Garlic Guacamole – make extra for the cook


Brie and Olive Tapenade Nachos – seriously mouthwatering nachos


Pico de Gallo – so good you might want to forget about the chips and just get a spoon


Homemade Ancho Chili Enchilada Sauce – super easy to make and tastes rich and spicy


Spicy Chipotle and Pasilla Chili Con Carne – one-pot meal which means less dishes to wash.  Yay.


Bacon and Egg Breakfast Tacos – tacos for breakfast is a good thing


Chicken Fajita Quesadillas – cheesy goodness for sure


Roasted Green Chili and Chicken Tortilla Soup – the pieces of avocado in the soup are so good


Mexican Pizza Flatbread – a super colorful and delicious appetizer or meal


Jalapeno and Cheese Taquitos – crispy outside and melted cheese and jalapeno on the inside


Mini Shrimp Tostadas – it’s a requirement to eat these in one big bite, no little bites allowed

Have a great rest of the week and thank you for stopping by.

Here’s another Cinco de Mayo recipe round-up to check out.

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