Ridiculously good Mexican Food.

Here’s a recipe collection of Mexican food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Mexican food is delicious.  

It’s got crunch, amazing spices, cheese, texture, and such pretty colors.

And leftovers taste great warmed up in the microwave.


Speaking of leftovers, Mexican dishes are an easy way to reinvent leftover meat like chicken, beef or pork.

Super easy too, all you really need are some corn or flour tortillas, salsa, chopped onions or tomatoes and just like that you have a taco.

Tortilla chips are at the very top of my fave list.

They’re my weakness and it never fails, I always fill up on them before the dinner is served when at a Mexican restaurant.

So let’s check out some recipe ideas for Cinco de Mayo.

Spicy Shrimp Soft Tacos on plate

Shrimp Tacos with Adobo Sauce – The adobo sauce is so good in these tacos (and the other ingredients too of course).

Breakfast Quesadilla on Plate

Crispy Breakfast Quesadillas – These are so tasty that you’ll be in a good mood all day after eating them.

Guacamole and Lime in Bowl

Easy Guacamole – You’ll need to make extra because when no one is looking you’ll start eating this with a big spoon (of course this has never happened to me).

Crispy Shell Tacos in Basket

Easy Crispy Shell Tacos – It’s hard to stop eating these tacos once you start.

Green Salsa in Bowl

Salsa Verde (Green Salsa) – This salsa is delish and super easy to make.

Chicken and Lime Taquitos on plate

Chicken and Lime Taquitos – Crispy goodness.

Chili Bacon Nachos in Pan

Chili Bacon Nachos – Amazing finger food.

Chili Chilaquiles on plate

Breakfast Chili Chilaquiles – Tortilla chips for breakfast…how could you go wrong.

Poblano Peppers and Chicken Soft Tacos

Poblano Pepper and Chicken Soft Tacos – The veggies taste great mixed in with the chicken and topped with lime juice.

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