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Cookie Packaging Gift Ideas and Tips

What better gift to give than cookies during the Holidays.  And if you don’t have time for baking homemade cookies, check out the bakery section at the grocery store for delicious looking festive cookies that can be wrapped up with a personal touch for gift giving.

Here are some fun cookie packaging ideas for the Holidays.  All you need is a roll of cellophane wrap and ribbons to make a quick and easy personalized gift.

Add a basket or bucket into the mix along with cute holiday ornaments, colorful candy, and even some milk and you can make a lovely gift basket.

Let’s check out these cooking packing ideas that may give you inspiration for Holiday gift giving.

At the last minute have you ever wanted to give homemade cookies as a gift but didn’t have one of those pretty tins on hand?

This has happened to me a number of times so I started keeping a roll of transparent packaging wrap on hand, along with some ribbon….and problem solved.

Here are some packaging ideas where the transparent wrap and/or ribbon can come in handy.

Sometimes it’s fun to give small batches of cookies out to friends or family.

A quick way to jazz them up is to stack the cookies on a large piece of transparent wrap.

Then pull the corners of the wrap up and form a small “neck” just over the top of the cookies where you’ll tie a ribbon.

Then “fluff” up the excess wrap that’s on top of the cookies.  If there’s too much wrap on top, just cut some of it off.

The wrapped cookies are cute enough as is.

But if you want to get fancy try putting the wrapped cookies in a cute container like a small bucket, mug, or Mason jar.

If the cookies are small, they may fit nicely in a Mason jar.

An added touch is to cut a piece of fabric in a square and lay it over the flat circular part of the lid.  Then tighten the ring portion of the lid right over the fabric.

Holiday colored fabric works great for this.

An easy way to add festive color when packaging cookies is to include Holiday candy around the cookies like in this little bucket….


around this Holiday colored tray.

Gift baskets are one of my favorite things to make.

They don’t need to be fancy schmancy either.  Just a few items in the basket are fine.

Here’s a gift basket with cookies and milk….and a cute Holiday ornament for good measure.

Before adding the goodies to the basket you can add raffia, or green Easter-type grass works great too.

Then wrap the basket in the handy dandy transparent wrap with a ribbon and wella, a beautiful gift.

Another idea is to buy clear glass jar-type containers.  They’re inexpensive and really show off the cookies.

Just add a ribbon and a bow.

So there you have it.  I hope you get cookie packaging inspiration from these ideas.

This post was originally a guest post on Baker Street.

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