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Just Hanging Out with Mom

Mom just hanging out with her kids.

Mama duck walking with baby ducks

Moms are so special.

Mama duck with baby ducks on grass

They like to hang out with their kids.

But even when Mom is just hanging out with her kids, she has a watchful eye…

Mama duck with baby duck on grass

….and if her kids go too far astray she’ll let out a shout…

Mama duck with baby ducks on grass

…so the kids can find their way.

Mama duck with baby ducks on grass

Moms just love being with their kids…

Mama duck with baby ducks

Mama duck with baby ducks in water

…no matter if it’s just hanging out by the pool…

Mama duck with baby ducks

….or a day at the park….Moms love to hang out with their kids.

Baby ducks running on grass

And don’t think you can sneak away from her watchful eye…

Baby duck crossing the street

…and do something silly that can put you into danger…

Mama duck on grass

…because she will always know.

She’ll let out a loud shout…

Baby ducks crossing the street

…and you’ll know by the tone of her voice that you better high tail it back to her…

Mama and baby ducks crossing the street

….so that she can be with you every step of the way.

Mama duck and baby ducks drinking water

Love is just hanging out with Mom.

Mama duck with baby ducks on grass


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  1. This is such a sweet post! I love ducks, and you can’t help but say “awww!” when looking at your pictures. There are several ducks around my house, and I just recently took some pictures of babies as well!

    • Hi Amy, thank you very much. So glad you liked it. I just can’t get over how cute those ducklings are. Their little feet are adorable. That’s nice that there are ducks around your house. They’re so fun to watch. Thank you for stopping by and have a great week!