Pantry Basics

A great way to save money on food is to cook it yourself. 

Another advantage to cooking meals yourself is that you can eat healthier by using ingredients that include more fresh fruits, vegetables and lean meats (and less preservatives).

If you’re a novice to cooking, a great way to get started is to stock up on the pantry basics by using coupons or buying sale items when possible.

Consider your refrigerator and freezer as part of your pantry too!

Having a stocked pantry can make cooking easy, and less time is spent on having to plan out meals or run to the grocery store for just a few ingredients.

For some ideas on what items to stock in your pantry, check out the “Cupboard“, “Refrigerator” and “Freezer” Pantry Item sections under this Pantry Basics menu.

Happy Pantry Stocking!