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The Top 10 Most Favorite Recipes in 2016

The tally is in for CCC’s top 10 most favorite recipes viewed in 2016.

And also below is the all-time most favorite recipe from 2011 when Coupon Clipping Cook started through the end of 2016.

Happy New Year and thank you so very much for visiting CCC!

Let’s check them out starting with #10.

#10 Pita Quesadillas

A snack that hits the spot.  Each pita is topped with melted cheese and a pinch of garlic.

#9  Snickerdoodle Skillet Biscuits

Tender and moist oversized Snickerdoodle biscuits topped with cinnamon, sugar and butter. Yum.

#8  Grilled Cheese Roll-Ups

So good and perfect for dipping in tomato soup.

#7  Candy Cookie Cones

This was the all-time favorite in 2015, 2014 and 2012.

Maybeeee it was the all-time fave in 2016….but then again maybe not.  My lips are sealed until you see the results below.

#6  Slow Cooker Taco Meat

This was also the top recipe posted during 2016.

#5  Crispy Breakfast Quesadillas

The sage sausage in these yummies is wonderful.

#4  Simple Fried Chicken

This fried chicken is comfort food to the max.  It’s how my grandmother made it (minus the electric skillet).

#3  Brown Butter Banana Dessert

A super quick and easy dessert.

#2 Cherry, Pineapple and Mandarin Orange Ambrosia

A crowd pleaser that’s simple to make and great for the holidays and potlucks.


…the #1 most viewed recipe in 2016 was….

#1  Baked Herb and Parmesan Potato Slices

These are delicious, especially right out of the oven.  It’s a requirement to make extra for the cook.

Now, for the all-time favorite recipe through the end of 2016….


Baked Herb and Parmesan Potato Slices – #1 All-Time Favorite Recipe

There you have it.

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