Easy no fuss holiday favorite recipes.

Here are some of the most popular holiday recipes that include main dishes, side dishes and desserts.

Sometimes it can get so busy before or during the holidays that there’s not enough time in the day or night to plan out menu ideas until it’s almost the Holiday itself.

And that doesn’t count the time needed to go grocery shopping for the ingredients.


These recipes include a heavenly whole turkey that’s barbecued on a Weber kettle grill, savory and sweet side dishes, vegetables, potatoes and sweets made with lemon, pumpkin, cherries and more.

Here’s hoping that these recipes give you ideas and inspiration and that you have plenty of time for cooking and other holiday tasks.

Let’s check out these delicious recipes. 

Below each of the following images, there’s a link to the respective post with step-by-step instructions, pictures and a printable recipe.

Cherry, Pineapple and Mandarin Orange Ambrosia Salad in bowl

Cherry Pineapple and Mandarin Orange Ambrosia – the best advice I have for making this salad is to make sure that the canned fruit drains….and drains…and drains so that it doesn’t make the salad too wet.

The drier the fruit is the better.


Cooked BBQ Turkey on Barbecue Grill

How to Barbecue a Turkey

I make my turkey on a Weber charcoal kettle-type grill each year and it looks as pretty as these pictures after it’s done cooking.

And the flavor is divine.  It has a wonderful smoky flavor and is super juicy and tender.

Cooked BBQ Turkey on Barbecue Grill

The smoky smell is heavenly while it’s cooking too.

And the gravy with a little bit of smoky flavor from the juices that drip off of the turkey is out of this world.

Here’s the recipe “How to make turkey gravy from pan drippings“.

Garlic Wasabi Green Beans on plate

Garlic Wasabi and Sage Green Beans – green beans with a garlic and wasabi twist.

Oatmeal Cranberry Cookies on plate

Oatmeal Cranberry Cookies – a holiday spin on oatmeal cookies using dried cranberries.

Then there’s the sweets.  LOVE the sweets.

Garlic Rosemary Mashed Potatoes in bowl

Roasted Garlic and Rosemary Mashed Potatoes – made with roasted garlic, rosemary and skin-on potatoes.

And on to the mashed potatoes.  I love making them with the skin on.  It makes the potatoes a bit more hearty and I like the look of it too.

These mashed potatoes are made with roasted garlic which couldn’t be any easier to make.

If you love garlic, feel free to add another bulb of garlic to the foil when roasting it and add even more than I did in the recipe.

Baileys Irish Cream and Chocolate Cake Raspberries in Dessert Shot Glasses

Bailey’s and Chocolate Raspberry Dessert – Bailey’s is a fun and quick way to add holiday flavor to a dessert.

This is a super easy dessert that can be made with boxed cake mix.

Brussels Sprouts with Chickpeas in pan

Brussels Sprouts with Chickpeas and Garlic –  a quick and easy way to make Brussels sprouts.

They look so good when they’re browned just a bit.

Slice of No-Bake Cherry Cheese Pie on Plate

Cherry Cheese Pie with Helpful Packaging Tips – This is my holiday staple dessert.

My grandmother when make it during the holidays when I was growing up and now I do too.

It’s easy, delish, and pretty….a perfect combination.

Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes with Ham and Sage on plate

Scalloped Potatoes with Sage and Ham – potatoes, ham, cheese, and a large casserole dish.

Perfect for prepping ahead of time.

About an hour before dinner time, just pop in the oven, bake, and put a big old serving spoon in it.

These potatoes smell so good when they’re cooking it will put your guests in a comfort food good mood.

Baileys and Coffee White Chocolate Chip Cookies on plate

Bailey’s and Coffee White Chocolate Chip Cookies – seriously, these cookies are amazing with a touch of Bailey’s in them.

They’re baked just to the point right before being done so that while cooling they harden up a bit.

Then they’re nice and soft in the middle with a light crunch on the edges.

Spoon Lemon Curd on Biscuit on plate

Homemade Sweet and Tangy Lemon Curd – easier than you think to make and is perfect for homemade holiday gifts.

Lemon curd needs to be stored in the fridge and is a real treat on toast or even used as a filling for a pie.

Pumpkin Pudding in Puff Pastry on plate

Pumpkin Pudding Puff Pastry Desserts – the shells are actually made from a frozen package of puff pastry.

It’s amazing how these little frozen discs bake and turn into this beautiful puff.

For an even smaller dessert, try out the frozen puff pastry cups, they’re adorable when filled and topped with Cool Whip Topping or homemade whipped cream.

I like to fill these with the pumpkin pudding mix that comes out this time of year but I’m 100% sure they would taste delish with any flavor of pudding.

Orange Spice Whole Cranberry Sauce in bowl

Cranberry Sauce with Orange and Spice – easy to make and such a beautiful addition to a holiday table.

Toffee Caramel and White Chocolate Cookies on box

Toffee Cupboard Cookies – slightly chewy in the middle with crispy edges, and toffee bits in every bite.

Sage Sausage Stuffing (Dressing) in bowl

Sage Sausage Stuffing – my stuffing staple.  I always use sage sausage in my stuffing.  The flavor is wonderful and it’s a crowd-pleaser.

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