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Types of Coupons

Coupons may be Electronic or Hard Copy, and may be issued by the Vendor, Manufacturer or a Store.

Electronic Coupons

An electronic coupon is one that you may find on the internet that can be printed for use at the store.

Additionally, certain websites may offer electronic coupons that can be downloaded to your smart phone, and the coupon can be scanned directly from your smart phone at the checkout counter.

Some stores may also have coupons available at a kiosk-type display where you scan in your store rewards card, and wella….out comes a random coupon for immediate use in the store.

Hard Copy Coupons

A hard copy coupon is one that can be found on paper-type sources such as newspapers, on the outside or inside of food packages, store flyers, ads, and mailers.

The difference between a vendor and store coupon is that the store name will be noted somewhere on the store coupon itself and generally can only be used at that store.

Handy Tips

  • A store may accept a competitor’s store coupon.
  • Often times a vendor coupon can be used in combination with a store coupon.

Happy Couponing!

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