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Types of Coupons

Coupons may be Electronic or Hard Copy, and may be issued by the Store or Retailer (brick and mortar or online), and Manufacturer.

Electronic Coupons

Electronic coupons are available from grocery store apps and websites, and may also be available on the website of the manufacturer.

Generally electronic coupons are downloaded to your iphone so that the bar codes on the coupon can be scanned from your smart phone at the checkout counter.

In some cases the electronic coupons may be available to print.

Additionally, offers for coupon or discount codes may be available through retailers and manufacturers.

Coupon or discount codes are most commonly used during the checkout process when buying items online.

Coupon codes may be obtained in promotional emails received from retailers (brick and mortar or online) that one may subscribe to, various online coupon sites, through social media, or on the online retailer’s website.

Paper (Hard Copy) Coupons

A paper coupon is one that can be found on paper-type sources such as newspapers, on the outside or inside of food packages, store flyers, ads, and mailers.

These generally come in the form of a “vendor/manufacturer” or “store coupon“.

The difference between a vendor and store coupon is that the store name will be noted somewhere on the store coupon itself and generally can only be used at that store as opposed to a vendor coupon that may be used at any store that accepts coupons.

Handy Tips

  • A store may accept a competitor’s store coupon.
  • Often times a vendor coupon can be used in combination with a store coupon.
  • Whether electronic or paper, coupons almost always have a duration of time that they can be used.  So remember to check the fine print for the start date and expiration date.

Happy Couponing!

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