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Organizing Coupons

Being organized is key to getting the most out of couponing.

Here are some reasons why:

  • Coupons have a limited life and will expire.
  • You want fast and easy access to your coupons; the time period when using coupons is important because store specials may be short-lived.
  • It can be frustrating when you can’t find a coupon when you need to use it.

To get started, following are some considerations when storing and managing your coupons.

How to Store Your Coupons

When organizing coupons the first thing to consider is the type of storage or organizer that best suits your needs.

The method used to store coupons is really a personal preference and has a lot to do with the amount of effort you are able to spend on couponing.

The more time and effort you spend on gathering coupons means that you may have a lot of coupons to organize, and as a result, a larger-type organizer may be in order such as a large binder with clear pocket inserts.

Or perhaps you will just be clipping coupons from weekly newspapers. Then a smaller organizer may work for you such as an accordion-type wallet-size organizer which can be found in the stationery section of certain stores.

This type of organizer can also be found on-line or advertised in the coupon section of the newspaper.  They are generally made of soft plastic, quilted fabric, or nylon, and include dividers with tabs that are used to classify items.

How to Manage Your Coupons

It’s important to regularly go through your coupons to:

  • Make note of coupons expiring in the near future.
  • Remove expired coupons (unless you shop at a store that takes expired coupons).
  • File your coupons in your organizer under the tab category that most fits the item description.

Filing and Sorting Coupons

If you have multiple coupons with different expiration dates for the same product, it’s a good idea to sort your coupons so the ones that expire first are in the front of your organizer.

Remove expired coupons from your organizer on a regular basis (unless you shop at a store that takes expired coupons).  It can be embarrassing to be at the checkstand with your coupon items already removed from your shopping cart and ready to be purchased; then the checker notices that certain coupons are expired and won’t allow you to use them.

When you have coupons to file in your organizer that don’t quite fall under any of the categories named on the tab inserts, a rule of thumb is to file that type of coupon in the category that first comes to your mind when you see it.  Then hopefully when you go to retrieve that coupon, you’ll go right for it.

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