Coupon Clipping Cook®

Finding Coupons

Following are tips on where to find coupons:

Store Discount, Loyalty, or Rewards Cards

These are cards offered by grocery and drug stores that you sign up for.  As a card holder you are entitled to additional discounts on items purchased, online coupons, reward points, and other promotional offers.  You can generally sign up for these cards in the store or online.  At the checkout counter you’ll provide this card for the checker to scan, or some stores have a machine you can swipe your card through.  If you don’t have your rewards card with you, some stores allow you to use your phone number to get your discounts.

In Newspapers

The Sunday paper, or whatever the day is when the food/coupon section is published in your local newspaper.  Coupons are generally located in the inserts; most of the time there are two to three coupon inserts in the Sunday paper. Sometimes more during the holiday season and sometimes less after a holiday. An option is to purchase or subscribe to a variety of Sunday papers in order to get more coupon inserts.

On the Back of Receipts

Many stores put coupons on the back of their receipts.

On the Internet

Searching the internet for coupons and rebates is an additional option. You can bookmark your favorite coupon sites to speed up the process of your searches.  Your favorite grocery store may also offer electronic coupons on their website.  Additionally, some stores offer the ability to download coupons on your smartphone and then you redeem them at the checkstand by having the checker scan your phone.

In Weekly Flyers

Generally these ads are located just inside the front doors of the store. They also may be delivered with your regular mail each week.

In Magazines

Sometimes there are even coupons in magazines.

In Mailers

Be sure to check random mailers (one or two-page type advertisements) that are delivered with your regular mail.

In Local Area Free Weekly or Monthly Newspapers

These may be delivered with your regular mail, your doorstep or your driveway.

In Local Coupon Books

These are often times sold in front of the grocery store by a charitable organization. Or they may be available for purchase at neighborhood schools as a fund raiser.

Coupons Placed by Products in the Market

Vendors often times place automatic coupon dispensers by the actual product.  Additionally, vendors may place a pad of tear-off type coupons for customers by the related product.  Also, make sure to check the product itself for coupons stuck on the item for immediate use.  Lastly, oddly enough, there are often times coupons lying randomly by products that other customers may leave.

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