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Hello and a huge WELCOME to Coupon Clipping Cook!

I’m Nancy and I love to cook, and save money on groceries by using coupons and shopping for sales.

Coupon Clipping Cook is a blog about creating simple, fun and delicious recipes for meals, desserts, the Holidays, and traditional food made with a twist.  I started this blog in 2011 because I enjoyed following other food blogs so much that I just had to start one of my own.  What I really like about blogging is of course creating the recipes, but also learning about the technology, photography, and all of the other ins and outs associated with running a blog.  And it’s a great way to keep track of, and share my recipe creations too.

I worked a number of years in a grocery store where I learned about different types of food not only from being familiar with all of the items sold in the store but also from talking with customers about their go-to recipes.  One of my favorite things about working at the grocery store was learning about recipes from the customers.  I wanted to try each and every one of their recipes out.  But so many ingredients and so little time!

When I’m not in the kitchen, clipping coupons, or watching any and all food-related TV shows, one of the things I may be doing is hanging out with my Boston Terrier, Bubba Jay.  Although he likes to watch cooking shows too, if there’s a commercial with a dog in it he’ll try to attack the TV.  He’s an adorable little guy but of course I’m biased.  He likes to “help” me out when I’m taking pictures of recipes for the blog but what really happens is that he photobombs my shots.  I save these funny pics of his nose or ears showing up in my delicious recipe photos and will be posting them in the “Bits and Bobs” section of this blog soon.

Recipes on this Blog

I’m a self-taught cook who likes to come up with recipe ideas, test them out and if they taste really good, I post them on this blog with step-by-step pictures and instructions.  Some of the recipes on this blog are those that my grandmother or mother made, and that I’m still making today.  Many of the recipes I make come from inspiration I get from little things like fresh produce that looks good, a new product I find at the store, or even food cravings that come to my mind out of nowhere.  I love Mexican food so you’ll find a number of wonderful tortilla, guacamole and salsa-related recipes here too.

There are times when a recipe doesn’t make the cut for this blog, either because they don’t taste as good as I think they should, or the pictures don’t do the recipe justice.  Sometimes no matter how many times I make, remake, and photograph a particular recipe, it just doesn’t look tasty enough to be on this blog.  So into the delete file it goes and on to the next delicious recipe.

All content, creation, writing and photography are my own.

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