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Busy Honey Bees and Herb Flowers

Herbs grown in a garden or in pots are so handy to have when cooking.

And honey bees like them too.

While this busy bee was collecting pollen or perhaps nectar from oregano flowers, she was kind enough to let me take some pictures of her.

Let’s check out this cute little bee (she’s cute as long as she doesn’t come after me).

This is a female honey bee because the abdomen is pointed at the end.

Honey bees actually have five eyes.

There are three tiny eyes on top of the head in between the two big eyes.

The two big eyes are called compound eyes.  You can see one of the big eyes in the picture below.

She’s keeping an eye on me.

I can tell by her body language that she thinks I’m a nosey human that should bug off and let her do her job in peace.

Here’s a different honey bee busy at work on another herb flower.

Can you tell by the leaves what type of herb this is?

Each of her hind legs have…

…a pollen basket used to carry pollen.

I think she’s telling me “talk to the wings” man.

There she goes.  She’s had enough of me I guess.  Thank you bee for letting me take these pics.

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