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Cool Smoothies for Summer

Since we’re heading into June, and summer officially starts during this month, here are some refreshing smoothies to cool you off when it gets really hot out.

They’re made with fresh berries, fruit, veggies and even one has oatmeal.

I like to keep a jar of flax seed on hand to add to smoothies which gives them a very light crunch and texture.  And they’re healthy too which is a good thing.

So often when I see berries on sale in the store I just can’t help myself from buying a lot of them.

Then I get busy and don’t always use them all up so I freeze the leftovers in Ziplocs for use when making smoothies.

The frozen berries work great when making smoothies and it’s a good way to avoid wasting them.

I’ve even frozen bananas before for smoothies.  I peel the bananas and add some lime juice to them so they keep their color while in the freezer.

Bananas taste delish in smoothies and thicken them up just a bit.

So here’s to a cold refreshing and healthy smoothie on a hot summer day.

Let’s check these smoothies out.


Orange marmalade and raspberry smoothie


Blueberry lemonade smoothie


Mango berry and toasted coconut smoothie


Blueberry, banana and granola smoothie


Veggie berry smoothie


Peach berry and cream smoothie


Minty limeade smoothie


Kiwi berry smoothie


Banana, blueberry and oatmeal breakfast smoothie

Have a great week.

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