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Most Favorite Recipes in 2017

Fresh off the press, here are the Most Favorite Recipes on Coupon Clipping Cook in 2017.

Included below are the:

  • Top 6 Favorite Recipes that were posted on CCC in 2017; and
  • Top 6 Favorite Recipes from all years that were viewed on CCC in 2017

Also below are links to CCC’s Most Favorite Recipes in prior years (2011 through 2016).

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Let’s start off with the “Top 6 Favorite Recipes Posted in 2017”:

Starting with #6 (posted in 2017) – Easy Barbecue Chicken with Rice

#5 (posted in 2017) – Slow Cooker Guinness Corned Beef and Cabbage

#4 (posted in 2017) – Corned Beef Taquitos with Avocado Sauce

#3 (posted in 2017) – Coffee Cake with Baileys Irish Cream

#2 (posted in 2017) – Blackberry and Lemon Mason Jar Lid Pies – (this was only 30 views away from coming in at #1)

…and now the winner for CCC’s Most Favorite Recipe Posted in 2017 is…

#1 (posted in 2017) – Italian Sausage and Radiatore Pasta One-Skillet Meal

On to the “Top 6 Favorite Recipes Viewed in 2017” (from all years):

Starting with #6 (viewed in 2017) – Slow Cooker Taco Meat

#5 (viewed in 2017) – Brown Butter Banana Dessert

#4 (viewed in 2017) – Simple Fried Chicken

#3 (viewed in 2017) – How to Barbecue a Turkey

#2 (viewed in 2017) – Cherry Pineapple and Mandarin Orange Ambrosia

And now the winner of CCC’s All-Time Favorite Recipe through the end of 2017 is…

#1 (viewed in 2017) – Baked Herb and Parmesan Potato Slices

Next up, more delicious recipes in 2018!

Happy New Year.

Most Favorite Recipes from Prior Years:
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